Slow jog day.

Slow jog day.

First day back in… 3 weeks? Had a little right ankle and left knee support.

But it felt good. So far nothing is strained or ouchy.

I laugh because this slow jog was my fast run 1.5 years ago.

I’ve raised 9% of my goal for Durrell Wildlife!

Durrell’s Jersey Zoo exists to save species from extinction.

They have saved 14 species from extinction, released thousands of animals into the wild of 26 species, trained 5,500 conservationists from 142 countries, and protected 435,445 hectares of habitat since 1959.

I’ve committed to raise £1000 for The Durrell Wildlife Conservation for these purposes. I have about 1180 dollars to go!

Any size donation is appreciated and I promise to keep updating you here on my page. I mean, nothing is funnier than seeing me sweat, yeah?

The Durrell Challenge is here ❤️