When women approach me they say:

That they are hearing to bring to the world their Next-level offer.  Next-level client.  More money/enrollments now.  At an investment (for their clients) that matches their talent, expertise and what they bring to the table.

What we do for that:

The Universe and I to transform them so that these desires come in with ease on the simplest path.

Their Path of ease I call their Universe Map.  They and The Universe made a unique path of ALL of life before they were born, with the most sophisticated GPS system.  This map is their most directly aligned action steps and energetic shifts to reach their desire faster with least resistance.  

HOW that happens:  I

offer channeled or psychically given (depending on clients’ comfort) aligned action steps and energetic steps toward their desires.  Everyone’s steps are different.  

What “makes” the Transformation: 

Universe Song.  That is like light language.  I sing to the client while channeling THe Universe (God Goddess, Buddha, Two Trees….) as I walk them through a meditation.

There are no words, just sounds (that doesn’t sound like when I sing along to Lady Gaga).  The pitches and tones leave my body and hit the client’s body in a sequence that unlocks key codes in their energetic field and DNA to allow them to take aligned action toward their desire (without “blocks” or money mind.  It also installs upgrades to their system so that they have their “future version self” now.  So instead of “waiting” for manifestation to happen, bit by bit, they become her, now.

These women often had trauma around being seen and heard in their life.  But have already gone through trauma healing (not with me.  I don’t do that).  If any last pieces of this or a “block” come up… we don’t sit and play in the mud with it.  We cut it out, bring The Universe in to fill that spot with divinity and move on.

What also makes the transformation: 

They become so in tune with their relationship with THe Universe (whoever their God is) that they slowly start to be able to guide themselves.  Being their OWN psychic.  Tapping into these psychic abilities already in them.

Other Big Things That Happen: 

Their capacity to lean back, RECEIVE.  Stop controlling.  Sink into their feminine and BALANCE as they allow opportunities to come to them as well as their own psychic information to come to them.  

Like I said, masculine women tend to seek me out to lean into their feminine without being dropped.  Without just going into a fluid nothingness.  They know I can help them balance the two through their connection to The Universe.

They want more of the feminine because they are burnt out on strategies.  One more business coach.  Always having copy redone…  Circling the same revenue.

We often dive into pleasure practice and orgasms too.  For their power.  To allow and receive.  Women report better sex with spouses. 

*****What am I really doing with The Universe for women:

The Outcome:

Yes, the money.  But they are also now finely tuned instruments now that can communicate with The Universe AS THEY WISH.  They are their own psychics. FEELING the Universe Guide them.  They just KNOW they are never alone.  Always guided.  Completely supported.  Make fast confident decisions in biz/life without second guessing because….It’s direction from Their God.  

Some even establish their OWN energetic work to do with their clients.  Where it has been drawn out and tuned by The Universe (not me Amanda.  I don’t have any system that I tell people is the way to do their energetic work or channeling.  It’s unique to each person).  So now their clients receive even more amazingness.  

This is why my clients have said multiple times they don’t need to hire a business coach (or do any strategy) for up to 2-3 years after working with me.

They don’t need me anymore.  Sometimes they book in for a one-off session to get a tune-up (like you go to the chiropractor every so often for back alignment.  But they good).

Under it all:  

I’m a vessel for the “healing” of God/Goddess  

I don’t like the word, “Healing” because I truly believe we are all whole and perfect.  We came here perfectly tuned for our desires (I call this the Birth Settings).  I simply help people return to their birth settings so that all their desires come in years before they would without this work.

Birth settings only get thrown off because of trauma, upbringing…..you know…the 3d life.  

What will a specific client get?

Al unique blend of the above with any added modality The Universe offers me to bring to the table.