Don’t Make Em Happy

🛑 stop trying to make people ( cough cough your clients) happy.

You are not here to make anyone happy. (People pleasing is a form of manipulation too…)

Your part in your contract is to hold people to their highest standards.

Think about it.

If you went to a personal trainer who let you stop after 5 minutes because you felt tension….

You’d fire that trainer. And you should.

Now if that trainer who had your medical history and limits history reminded you that you were on the right track and could do it…..and kept you to your goals….

You’d recommend them to everyone and pay them whatever they asked.

That trainer would have done what you need to do with your clients….

Saw the tension and given every tool to make the transition to the other side.

It wasn’t making anyone happy. It was holding standards. Modeling standards. And giving encouragement with all the tools needed so the client could get in shape on their own.

THAT is what you need to be giving your clients. Not happiness.

Happiness and satisfaction is a side benefit to you giving them what they need for transformation.