Take radical self-responsibility for your results.

Some people still bitch, “I spent all this money on coaches and mentors in the past but haven’t made it back. So I can’t spend any more money until I do.”

It’s also the similar frequency of, “I have a coach, I don’t need another. OR….I’ve been in coaching for a year and need a break.”

Which is even more hilarious when people use it as an excuse to “wait till it’s the right time” to work with The Universe and I.

First, I don’t do coaching.

Sure, I personally can mentor.

🌋The Universe is the Mother Fucking UNIVERSe🌋

Like…..whoa. I see your resistance popping up.

🥺And then they go and pray for results.

“Universe please help me….”

*cough cough*

There is the story of the person who was trapped on top of their house during a flood. But with a real life twist 💃

This person prayed for God (The Universe, Goddess… etc.) to save them.

🚣‍♀️So God sent several different people in boats.

But the person on top of the house said, “Nope. I’m waiting for God to rescue me.”

🚁🚁🚁And right before the house was swept away by the water… a helicopter crew had to repel down and force the person into the harness to be lifted away before they drowned.

“But look what you did to me!” The person screamed. “I have chafing from the harness and got air sick! I’ll never trust again. I’m going to hide in a hole and lick my wounds before I can go outside again.”

🤦As God is face-palming, the person is now cursing God for not rescuing them. And pointing at how they got smacked upside the head to be airlifted out…

🔥Same Bloody Thing 🔥

Take radical self-responsibility for your results.

The Universe is waiting to have your back.

I have the boat.

❤️Join us in Hybrid: Your Millions.❤️

An easy YES to your time and investment (which the investment WILL go up!).

I know you’ve got big things to do and being stuck at your computer isn’t one of them

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