Unleashing the most seductive desires that were hidden

💯💯💯I don’t mean to sound like a Dick but…. There a bunch of newbie coaches out there that are just repeating things they have heard.” My client said (I’m paraphrasing here).

🙌🏻She is right too.👏

In the past couple of years there was an influx of business owners who never should have owned a business.

Not because they aren’t experts in their field.

But because they aren’t business owners.

🔥🔥🔥They don’t have the gumption to lead or the nervous system to stay the course.

🫵🫵🫵There is a difference.

So the internet is overwhelmed by business owners who aren’t leaders, trying to lead others. Bitching and complaining. Tossing their shit all over the place.

The noise is creating a slow down of the industry.

Well, at least for others.

💎Not for my business or my clients.💎

😘😘😘I know it may sound to some like I’m an entitled Bitch. But I just have the balls to say what others are thinking. 💎Intimidated much???💎

Here’s the thing. While everyone else is slugging through business and life like, “oh yea. The grass is green. It’s a fact….”

💋💋💋My clients and I are playing up in the sky KNOWING the sky isn’t blue. That all things are possible.

🎤Leaning in when others lean out.

🎤Staying in the room.

🎤Unleashing the most seductive desires that were hidden….. and allowing them in.

Rebel Rousers and brawlers…… who simply surrender and allow The Universe to move to and through them because they KNOW that they also are the universe (in human form).

This can happen to you too. I invite you out of someone’s created grass and into infinite possibility where the clients and cash pour in.

Entitled Bitch to entitled Bitch = I see you. I love you. It’s your time now.