It’s time to come home to your Universe Map


🎉Please note the tiny green thing on the ground.

That is the MOUNTING block.

💃This is why I got on Mick from another horse.

Mounting blocks are amazing. This standard two-step is perfect for regular needs.

💎💎💎 But when you up-level your Empress self…..

the old damn starting points don’t work anymore.💎💎💎

And get CRUSHED by your new radiant self.🔥🔥🔥

In this series you see Mick (all on his own) walk through the mounting block

(flips it over) like it’s a pebble in the ground.

Cause his feet are as big as dinner plates.

🎉🎉🎉Right now you may be an expert in your field but have been hearing “I can’t afford it” and “not the right time” because you are using the tiny little mounting block while it’s YOUR time to be the Empress on the regal draft.

You’ve been using outdated SHOULDS.

Stop that.💩

It’s time to come home to your Universe Map. Your unique steps to your desires.

And fully unleash all of YOU on this world.