You are here because you are ready.

🐎🐎🐎 JUMP before you THINK you are ready.

I’ve been training to start jumping. But I’ve been all in my head about it.

In October I DID accidentally jump with a different horse. He took polls… as a jump.

But I wanted to practice my balance first before I “officially” started jumping.

Mostly because (even though I rode that jump like a rockstar) I had some panic over it. 😱

I’ve been physically hurt really bad from riding in the past. Took nasty spills. Broken things. Taken ambulance rides….. unable to work, etc.

SO my brain has been playing these stories under the surface.

📖I always knew the stories were there. Anytime I would get into a fast canter my heart would speed up

and my legs would grip the horse as memories came flooding back.

……..Even though I have NOT ridden a malicious horse in about 8 years (that’s where the injuries came from)….

I’ve shared all this panic with every instructor too. I KNEW I had mind monkey flinging poo

everywhere. So I let them know what my shit was but that I wanted to move past it.

🤩 My desire to literally FLY has been bigger than my fear 🤩

So I sought out trusted instructors and safe, well-trained horses.

💃💃💃 About two weeks ago my friends were saying, “Go ahead and hop the wee jump set up.” But my mind wasn’t ready.

Today, Mr. Sebastian made up my mind for me. He took a poll as a jump.

Not because he was being naughty. But because my secure seat and forward motion said, “I’m ready, this is a jump so please jump it.”

I didn’t even realize we were jumping the poll until halfway over it.

💎At no point did I freak out. Nor did any mind monkies come up. Sebastian knew I was ready

because of how I was riding. I can’t take credit for the half lead change. He was just doing

what he was taught to do.

😀 You can hear my instructor in the background (who also knew I’ve been ready to jump) guiding me. I trust her.

I was completely secure the whole time.

I tip forward a little at the end of the jump but that’s a normal problem I’ve been working on.

🔊🔊🔊 You see, forward movement isn’t about you over-preparing. It’s about going forward while knowing your shit.

Working on your shit.

Telling the trusted mentors around you what you are working through AND being open to their instruction.

(Hell I even had to be reminded of heals down today lol. But she was right!

My feet had come up while I was concentrating on sitting a canter … not in this video…).


💎 You are here because you are ready.

Let your desire be greater than your fear.🔥🔥🔥

PS: You see me here in between a sitting canter and a half-seat. My goal, which I later achieved, was to Sit the canter

(and not half seat it like I’ve been doing).

So it kinda looks like I’m posting a canter…….

The journey has its twists and turns as you work toward nailing your goal. It’s all good.