My business setup allows me to have this lifestyle.

😱😱😱 Being an Athlete is also not for the faint of heart.

And I’m not a professional Athlete.

The amount of time, money, energy, dedication….. it’s immense.

I’m not just talking about the 10 min warm-up, 30-60min workout, and then 10min cool down…..

(not to mention the time to get to wherever you are working out at)….

It’s stretching throughout the day. Having to monitor shoes and specialty socks too.

The body monitoring. I do track calories when I’m training and on the regular.

During trading it’s so I don’t under-eat. (That’s happened and it’s a dumpster fire).

Having to constantly check in with my body to see what she needs (started with Hashimotos and has amplified).

Sleep. Protein. Chocolate? Sugar? Salt? Carbs (cause when I get too under carbs my body tosses a fit).

The supplements and of course things like chiropractic care sports massage……foam rollers.

📣 It’s a daily, all-encompassing thing.📣

Trust me, I wouldn’t trade it for the years in bed sick with Hashimotos.

Keeping my mind, body, and soul where they thrive is part of my training WHY.

(And I haven’t even started talking about horse riding nor featured that gear here…)

The endurance and really having to KNOW me.

The huge difference between stoping a run

because something hurts and it’s actual pain (and a red flag) and when it’s just my head saying

it wants to stop (which means I’m only 40%into my workout and I have tons of fuel left even though it doesn’t at all seem that way at the moment).

The consistent education on what I need next and new techniques.

And then the grace of turning it off for vacation (that switch does not want to flip after I’ve turned it on).

But also knowing that the downtime is as important as the training time.

Sure I make tons of analogies with personal growth and business growth. But it’s a little different. This is a lifestyle (as well as a rich mindset is a lifestyle).

My business setup allows me to have this lifestyle.

💎Yup I’ve got freedom. Yup, it’s glamorous.

But It’s the behind the scenes I’m sharing with you now. Well, at least in the workout sector of life.

(Wanna talk about chafing? That’s a thing. Sports bras, underwear, blisters on feet…..)

🔊🔊🔊I only get to have this because I CHOOSE to.

I make it a non-negotiable.

For me, it’s for my health (seriously it’s a thing to cry when you haven’t been able to run or ride because of being sick).

Oh yeah and then I turned 40 and while I feel freer than ever before in my life…. The ability to be ME…. My body has been like… “Hey, remember that injury from years ago that gets aggravated every so often? Ok we are really gonna make you deal with that now.” 😂

So when I’m all over here training and fundraising for Durrell Wildlife Conservation, I’m a bit forward about getting donations. Yes, because we need to save animals on the red list. But also because the fierce behind the camera work is… well…. Work (that I get to do ☺️).