You don’t need “one more coach” or “one more program.”


I’ve been hearing a lot from women that they are burnt out on coaching and programs.
I get it.

You’ve tried all the high-end and big-name coaches and barely moved the financial needle. This is because they just gave you information. For what has worked for them.

That is why in my “programs” The Universe covers practicals and energetic support. ALL directed by The Universe (and not my ego).

👀Look, if you wanted another program, coach, or “do-dad” to check off on the “being serious about business box” you could invest your time and income in so many other things👀:
(just like everyone else out there):
A web designer
A copywriter
Click Funnels Expert
Facebook ads guru
New promo pictures
A tech guy to bump your SEO on your website

But all of these coaches and programs, while they have their place and time, are often just a businesswoman spinning her wheels (and another reason she gets burnt out on programs and coaches).

👣From the standpoint of The Universe (and all its wisdom) it looks a lot like tip-toeing and dancing around her inner fire instead of stepping into and embracing it.👣

And I get it. Programs and coaches DO take a lot of time and extra energy in the traditional way they are put together.

This is why The Universe guided me to be of assitance in the way I am.

🌎Because YOU and The Universe know exactly what you need (me? I’m the messenger, translator, space holder, and expert to ask advice of and guide you).🌎

The Universe Map is different for everyone. Because your business is so unique. And the way to your success is just as unique.

In those maps, a lot of women have received step by step guides to marketing, what their stance and wording should be. Reaching out to new clients….etc etc etc.


Women also are given the next level of support and guidance.

🔮This includes support and actions around things like abundance, manifestation, Aligned Action Treatments ( where the Universe and you connect), past life sessions to weed out old energy keeping them stuck and cutting that cord, touching base with loved ones that have passed away, diving into the Deva of your business…etc etc…etc🔮

It is all-encompassing.

That was directed by The Universe when I create what I do.

The truth is, you have your personal life and its own energy container. You also then have your business life and its own energy container.


That is why business is personal.

The Universe gives you whatever you need. Be it more business do-dads or woo-woo metaphysical work. Most often it is a mixture of the two.

And don’t even get me started on my new program for women stepping into 7 Figures. It is all support and paradigm-shifting in a way that will just blow your mind…..

⛔So…No you do not need another coach or program.⛔

You need The Universe working with you and through you
In my programs you will have ME psychically share the shortest, fastest, most direct path for your unique needs as to your next steps in that business. I am going to be giving you DIRECT access to this higher wisdom for your business expansion.

So far high achieving women have experienced….
The golden fit passive income stream that brought her $61,000 recurring income within the first 6 months (and is STILL growing).

Launched a newly branded Signature program that is still a NEED TO HAVE 5 years later.

Cut the dead excess programming out of her business to streamline to ONE high earning, low overhead business model.

Had an entire season of dream business partnerships booked in AHEAD of the year.

Your desire to step into a 7 Figure business is just a few steps away. The Universe allows these steps to happen in an unconventional way ( I know that is up your alley because you are a free thinker). I KNOW you have what it takes to get there.

Imagine that you have completed Energetic SuperPower and see the results you have achieved:

Your bank account is overflowing.
Your energy levels are high and light.
Your day flows in a gentle stream.
The quality time you have with your family lights you up beyond measure……

👇🏾 If you KNOW you are READY to make this paradigm shift and allow in your next stage of growth without exhaustion, email me “GROWHT” at