Your Energy

Your energy is like a new car engine 🚗

You are already whole and complete. There isn’t anything that needs “fixing”.

But sometimes your energy could use a little tune-up.

I bought a brand new car once. 12 miles on it. I had an awful experience with my previously used car. It was a damn lemon. So with my second car I went new. But….. after a while, I still needed to change the oil, get the tires rotated, etc.

Your energy is the same.

We are just humans in the human world (even though we can harness vibration and do all sorts of rad things…).

=>If you kick a rock and stub your toe, it’s going to freakin’ hurt.

=>If you run 8 miles, you will probably have to go to the chiropractor (hobbling like me).

=>If you put all your time and energy into something, you will feel depleted.

=>If you don’t get enough sleep your nervous system is going to be scrambled.

Luckily there is a path to get you tuned-up in less time than a yearly state inspection takes on your car (oy vey).

And it doesn’t involve going into your past or reliving any trauma.

💗It’s called Aligned Access Treatments.💗

It’s NOT something another human does to you!

It entails time with The Universe (Angels, Spirits, God, Goddess) during which you create the intention to get your energy re-aligned. Then The Universe does the rest (with your consent).

The super cool thing is you get to set what you want to re-align. Most women choose a stumbling block toward moving forward in business or a big trigger keeping them stuck in life.

In my programs I take women through this process (note, I simply provide space, guide them through what is already happening, and share direct channeled messages from The Universe.

I’m not actually DOING anything. THAT job belongs to The Universe).

Other than sharing profound messages from The Universe, I also communicate with my clients WHRE they need to lean in.

Where re-alignment needs to happen. Often my clients are not sure where to lean. They simply are just too close to their stuff to see it on their own (raises hand).

Remember, you are whole and complete. Nothing needs fixing.

But just like your car, when you are tuned up you function at your best.

Immediately after an Energy Alignment session, women report feeling lighter, the release of pain, a deep feeling of being loved and held by The Universe, clarity, and confidence in the direction they are being guided in business.

🌟When functioning in alignment in your business you see things like:

💎Clients and customers naturally find YOU.

💎The copy you write to communicate to your audience naturally flows as if written just for each person reading it.

💎Your income doubles overnight.

Women often describe the results as, “Like Magic.”

When really, it’s just all about The Universe and Energy.

Use your own intuition and be guided by The Universe, on your own unique path to 7 Figures! Grab your copy HERE.