Do NOT Touch Him


The voice was not mine. Even though it was coming from my body.

There have been many times the 5’2 totality of me has stopped men twice my size in their tracks.

🛤️This was another one of those times.I was having a pleasant springtime dinner on the second-floor porch. It was such a lovely day and I was entirely in a good mood.

🐶Until the people who lived next door decided to walk through our yard and let their puppy fall off the end of the embankment. (Puppy was fine after a very unnerving yelp).

🐶It was the neighbors that, I could tell, beat his wife and 7-year-old son. This is me. I know things.Well, this man raised his hand to his child toward his child.The rest is a bit of a blur.There is this thing called Divine Anger.💥Where The Universe unleashed through me.💥


🔥I’m not talking fluffy little angels (I mean they do exist but there is everything including the force to put the smackdown).

The man froze. Hand in air. Looking VERY confused.He did NOT hit his son.😮Whatever the next words out of my mouth were, put the fear of God in him for enough moments that the kid was able to get away.

😮That man did not try to come near me. When we regained his senses (literally, Lord only knows what came out of my mouth… because it was the deepest parts of his soul that were frozen in fear) he tried to change the subject and decided to start screaming nonsense at me.

I called 911.The police pulled me aside and told me that by no means should I ever speak to that man again. To barricade myself in my home and call them should something happen.

Yeah, that bad

.I was never bothered by that neighbor again (only due to whatever The Universe said).

And I took the time to call CYS and the school.

Years later I found out that the wife finally left this man, and took her son. Because free will.

The Universe will arrive with the heaviest artillery because it IS the ultimate force.

It’s not all fluffy bunnies.I share this with you because, The Universe is no fucking joke.

🫀Working with The Universe is not for the faint of heart.

🫀You will change, shift, morph into your greatest desires.But you have to have the balls and dedication to the transformation.It’s not HARD.

It is INTENSE.So you can go it the long, roundabout way. Bitching and whining “why do I not hit my goals”.

OrThe short, fast, and aligned way, with The Universe.

Choice. Is. Yours.

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