Their results are so astounding that I literally tear up.

**”Well obviously you really don’t work and aren’t interested in making money.”**

……Once I got done rolling on the ground laughing, almost peeing myself…..

I* just blocked that person from Facebook.*

It was ANOTHER person trying to sell me something. (yup strangers, you get your ass blocked with that crap).

And they were TRIGGED AF about how ‘unavailable’ I was.

Let me tell you what my schedule is

*PS. If this triggers you, go deal with YOUR own shit before engaging me.*

You see, after years in bed with an Autoimmune crisis, The Universe very bluntly guided me to put myself first. (No I don’t want to hear about your biz dealing with autoimmune diseases. I’ll reach out if I’m interested).

💎ME FIRST (same goes for you).💎

You see, to be able to do what I do with The Universe, I have a very detailed “Care For” instruction sheet.

Kinda like the ones you get on flowers and plants this time of the year. But more in-depth.

💃Let me point out no one questioned Einstein’s schedule. Don’t question mine.

*Yes, I just compared myself to Einstein. No, I don’t think I’m better than you. If your brain is going down THAT rabbit hole…Get out of your own ego and see where I’m going with this.*

What you need for your life and biz might look different than mine. That’s fine.

🔥**Let’s just start with the Statistics. Or what I call FACTS.**🔥

By working less than HALF of the “working’ hours I did when I was hustling my bum off…I am receiving more than DOUBLE what I was then.

All it took was a calculator and some looking into finances and some basic math. You can do it too.

🥵So there you go. Let’s move on.🥵

Largely when I go to bed and get up depends on the time of the year. Right now I’m up by 6 am for exercise and self-care. Getting the day started at my desk around 8-9 am.

I answer emails/messages/ etc with a 24-48 hr turnaround. I stick to checking them once in the AM and once in the afternoon when I’m not with a client/ in a meeting/ writing content. If you hear from me more than that, count yourself blessed.

Monday is office day and Friday is an “off” day. That means I either largely take it off or it’s set aside for if I had a Hashimoto’s day earlier in the week.

. *Which means I sleep around client calls (or adventure, ride horses, orgasm). *This way all behind the scenes items get taken care of and I won’t get backed up.

I see clients the 2-4th week of the month, Tues, Wed and Thursday somewhere between the hours of 9-4 pm.

🐝🐝🐝The rest of my time is spent making sure I am eating right, getting my supplements, relaxing, and having enough water………

Being in nature. Reading. Seeing the horses. Riding. Playing piano….

🤩Because caring for me is #1. Which leads to less and less autoimmune.

**The amount of human and etheric energy it takes to offer women the LIFE AND BIZ TRANSFORMATIONS that I do, means I see fewer women.**

*💎And yes, at a higher investment level.*💎

🔥🔥🔥 Their results are so astounding that I literally tear up.

When I get the emails and calls about their most recent breakthroughs…I often cry with joy. I’m just SO happy for them!

💋💋❤️This is why I’m largely unavailable. So I can do what I do for myself and for other women.

And I LOVE it.

The best thing is: It’s all malleable depending on what my body and soul need.

So no, I’m not available for endless chit-chatting on messenger. Or virtual tea with people outside of my friends and associates.

I’m not available beyond my posted hours or on weekends/holidays.

🍒Don’t take it personally. Take it as a moment to tweek your schedule, if you need it.

And if you are really pissed off by this, just unfriend me.