Will you join us for these juicy awakening conversations? 

I have something really exciting to share with you. I will be part of FREE The Real You Summit taking place from the 9th to the 15th of May with 19 other amazing speakers.

The expectation of this Summit is that you receive immense value and wisdom from an amazing group of leaders in the industry as we dive deeper into the conversation of the unfolding of The Real You and the importance and magic of Feminine Energetics. These interviews are designed to help stimulate and inspire you, activating and awakening within you that next level of expansion that you are ready for as you move from the 3D to the 5D way of being, living and working.

Over the course of 22 sessions, you will receive sacred embodied wisdom from each of these powerful and incredible speakers. Each of these powerful interviews holds a unique message for you to receive. These are all designed to activate and awaken the reclamation within you of The Real You!

Will you join us for these juicy awakening conversations?

You will not want to miss this summit!

Here is what you can look forward to in The Real You Summit Series:

Natalie Woodman Opening and Reclaiming the Real You: Body, Purpose & Business

Jennifer Longmore The Journey of the Solar Feminine from 3D to 5D

Elizabeth Purvis Divine Standards of the Feminine Magic in Life and Business

Cory Michelle The 5D Ascension Path

Rachel Hardy Rebalancing Your Nervous System After Trauma

Delphine Rose Lumiere Healing the Divine Feminine

Jennifer Spor Aligning to Your Purpose and Mission

Jen Duchene Activate Your Inner Glow

Louisa Havers Activating Wealth with Your Soul Aligned Purpose

Anne Whitehouse Reconnecting to Your Power

Kim Van De Sande Living from Your Love and Light Frequency

Danielle Rama Hoffman Being a Divine Channel

Natalie Woodman 5 Essential Muscles to Embodying and Reclaiming The Real You

Emily Logan Reconnecting to Your Psychic and Intuitive Gifts

Anna Golden Ray Your Body as a Spiritual Tool

Mona Naidoo Discover the Real You Activation: A magical journey to uncover the treasures within

Michelle Orwick Connecting to Your Inner Priestess

Renee Marcou Claim Your Powerful Voice Activation: A Throat Chakra Activation and Healing

Melissa Lisette Activating your Earth Wisdom

Amanda Kunkel Tapping into Your Universe Connection

Bernadette Gold Reclaiming Your Psychic Self

Natalie Woodman Accessing Sacred Feminine Wisdom Activation and Closing

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