“YOU are the golden bridge of receiving.”

☄️I’ve gone over jumps like a Badass, rode on a fractured ankle for a month without realizing, feel horse speaking inside my soul, and then….☄️

Fell off today.🏇🏽🏇🏽

….A bird drug something over the roof of the arena and spoked Orlop. Orlop, who is a solid horse of well breeding, training, and during his racetrack days, won people lots of money….

🦇Spooks happen.🦇

Falling down happens.

🤯I rode a badass trip and didn’t miss a beat today (though on video you can hear me yelling

that I thought I peed my pants. I caught air and hit the saddle hard. I’m 40…. 🤣)

🤦‍♀️Badass to fall within minutes.🤦‍♀️

Ladies, doesn’t take a rocket scientist to connect the dots here.

👉👉👉People think 6 Figures is the golden bridge of “you’ve made it!” in business (and later think it’s 1 Million).

It’s not.

💎YOU are the golden bridge of receiving.💎

And sometimes you will fall after hitting badass milestones.

🏆🏆🏆Today I fell on 1st class footing (about 100k worth of it) on my hands and knees.

Between that and my fast thinking (Once I knew that Orlop was going right and my body was

still going left) I DIDN’T fight it.

It just let go. Let my feet fall out and breathed out hard (taking the impact). 🪂🪂🪂

When you fight …is when injuries are made worse. You end up over-correcting and pulling

muscles and tendons and even further spooking the horse.

Today It was like falling on a bed. However, had that footing been gravel we’d be having a different discussion.

💎💎💎I set myself for success with 1st class horses, 1st class instructors and 1st class setting.

(I do also ride on gravel, through fields and into paved barns. It’s a different risk).

So here is the thing, when you hit a hiccup in business Do NOT try to over-correct. 📣📣📣

Anxiety, hustling, watering down your energy, brand and pricing…. Will hurt you in the long wrong.

Even if it fills a current pressing pain.

☀️☀️☀️Universe is your source. Not the levers, bells or fancy systems you create.

If you are busy over-correcting you will miss the opportunity to learn and grow.

Ladies, it was great to have a fall today! Something that didn’t end in injury or pain. It HAPPENS and isn’t the end of the world.

I got right back on and kept going.

It is the SAME thing for your business.

Dust yourself off and keep going.

You Badass