“You know you are psychic…right?”

Sitting down at lunch she said to me, “You know you are psychic right?” Just in my early twenties… I said, “Um yeah….”She looked at me, used another hand-wipe, and stated, “I’m going to show you how to use it, ok?”She, to me, was just a woman I was driving around for an event.

A local to PA that had flown in from CA for an event I was part of. She had told the coordinator that I was to be her liaison and crowd control for the weekend. And then she was the first to train me on all things psychic. She never asked me for money.

She opened the doors to her world and literally walked me through my first readings. I didn’t realize “what a big deal she was” because…. To me, she was just a person. An expert at her craft that I was learning from. The movies she was in and her TV show (I still have not seen any of them) didn’t add up to anything for me. The doors that were opened during that lunch took me to people that I would never have imagined I’d get to work with.

And I’m excited to share more of this, behind-the-scenes access, soon.