💥So…you’ve got that multiple six-figure business but are only taking home 5k a month. 💥

💥So…you’ve got that multiple six-figure business but are only taking home 5k a month.💥

You’ve been super successful at your amazing business and you KNOW you are THE Expert in your field. You are rocking along and while you have the gut feeling that you want more (20k+ take home a month would be great)……you resist it.

Excuses start popping up, old avoidance tactics find their way into your day, low-level anxiety creeps in…..

What’s happening is that even though you have the gut feeling that you need to move forward and scale your business…..there is a fear about success.

(PS, because it’s not about “scaling your business”. THAT is some of that middle-class mindset popping in).

Where you are at right now IS successful.

Yet, a part of you fears that if you reach for a 20k+ take home and fail (again, not a thing), then you overall are a failure.

That your current success won’t matter anymore.

Take a deep breath into that for a minute.

Let’s loop back to The Truth:

📢You define your success.
📢 Nothing and no one can take your success away from you.
📢 Future events do not negate current success.

Without that Truth, you are left with a very open sore. One where outside factors can swoop by and poke at the painful spot. And it’s also you not fully honoring yourself or your business.

It’s time for you to take a good hard look at your success and the value of your business.

💎 Secret: 7 Figure women who also take home 80-80% profit value themselves and their businesses like gold. Not like open sores.

Want to know an excellent way to cut that stuff out of your field?

Put yourself in the energetic vibration of being that 7 Figure businesswoman now.

While this does things like collapses time, lets business flow with ease and overall feels flipping amazing……

It also allows you to see with those 7 Figure businesswoman eyes. To perceive things that you cannot even think would be possible.

This is exactly what I help women do in my programs. I help women bring out the vibration of the 7 Figure businesswoman within themselves. As well as lean into the resistance that comes up to receiving that version of themselves.

They are ready to embark on a dimensional energy shift away from doing into BEING. They hear their spirit calling loud and clear from them to step into their 7 Figures Elite Empress self.

If you are still reading I have a feeling this is you too and you are ready to embrace your Elite Empress self as well.

But you might not be clear on how to get there. Right now I know you are feeling stuck. Frustrated. And even a little uncomfortable and scared. This is because you KNOW that shifting into this new dimensional BEING means, you will stand out from the crowd. You will leave behind old mentors who no longer are a fit. You have OUTGROWN the modes of being and doing that have gotten you to where you are now. While you are ready to shift, you know you need a guide to help you navigate this new space too.

The Truth is that the fear you have is actually your inner wisdom telling you that you are ready. If you didn’t have this fear, it would mean that you are comfortable hustling and trying.

Yes there are people out there that would be satisfied with this. But not you Empress!

The fear is letting you know you are ready for change and to step into something unknown. I know you are READY for this paradigm shift into 7 Figures. Where you go from “income making” to “wealth BEING”.

Yes, you will be going into the unknown, but you won’t be doing it alone. The Universe is walking with you as you move into 7 Figures and beyond, all the time.

💎Shifting into new dimensional BEING
💎Breaking free from current groups and programs that have been limiting your thinking and energy.
💎Stepping away from the norm to allow your thinking to move you into Millions (and out of the ‘approved’ way of waiting your turn at it).
💎Stepping out of your old shell and space as The Universe unfolds through you.

The Universe gives access to dimensional layers and energetic key-codes that you didn’t even know existed. Hint: This is the magic secret of people that you see who seem to just embody wealth and glow abundance.

Seriously, working with The Universe on the frequency level gives results such as:

💥Stepping into BEING the influencer you’ve always wanted to.
💥Embodying the leader and the light that you KNOW you are.
💥Watching your visibility explode so you can be the change you want to see in the world.

All while shifting into work that feels as easy and aligned as breathing.

Are you over there, sitting in your chair, getting excited, nervous and a little fearful reading this?

I thought so.

You see, this is ALL part of leaving behind the “I have a multiple six-figure business but only take home 5k a month” vibration.

It’s called Frequency Shift. Hold tight…..

Let’s discuss your frequency shift, Send me an e-mail at Amanda@amandakunkel.com.

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