😐Couple months ago I “lost” a friend because of my success.😐

She had been more like family. And so were her kids.

🎤🎤🎤 It’s often a feared thing in the entrepreneurial world: Fully unleashing oneself into the world, allowing in the money, health, living in luxury, travel and…… people ditch you.

Let me tell you loves: Let people go. Don’t chase them down or argue with them.

I didn’t do any of those. The Universe said, “nope.”

💋So I kept doing me. Focusing on me.💋

Which led to this woman’s adult daughter posting spiteful things on my Facebook wall. (And included deleting every message she ever sent me in 10 years in messenger).

😮I had to block the entire family from my page😮.

Which led to a text message and email rant.

Which all came down to: Money.

The money I make and encourage other aligned entrepreneurs to make.

🧐Guess what? It sucked. But it didn’t hurt as much as I would have thought.

📣📣Because it has nothing to do with me.

Sure, she attacked my messaging and posts about orgasms’ and wealth (and how The Universe and I believe you should have it all).

😎😮😮😎But that has nothing to do with me.

YES people will leave as you grow.

YES some people will blame you for it (or their response to you).

🔥🔥🔥When people show you who they are, believe it. I’m here to tell you, don’t fear this.

Because when shit like this rolls around you will be in an entirely different place. And you will know like you know like you know, it’s not about you.

So go out there.

✈️✈️✈️Unleash yourself into the world.

Fully embody all the BIG BOLDNESS of you.

Let yourself receive all the money, health, orgasms’, friendships and love the world has.

And ENJOY it.

Because YOUR people will never ghost you.

If you understand where I’m coming from, and ready to fully embody all the BIG BOLDNESS of you and receive what the world has for you, send me an e-mail at Amanda@amandakunkel.com with the Subject Line: “BIG BOLDNESS”.

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