😱 It’s not as scary and deathly as The Upside Down.😱

But it is a vast IN-BETWEEN.

When you’ve let go of the branch you have been holding onto before you can grasp the branch of your dreams.

I get that it can be INTENSE. Even for the most seasoned.

“TRUST” is the answer.

✅ The trust is within you. It is your birth setting.

✅ Take radical self-responsibility for YOU.

✅ BALANCE (meaning keep that pendulum of motion as much in the center as possible. And if shit blows up, counter swing when you can).

✅ Stay in the In-Between. This is where the pedal hits the metal. Lean into your inner feelings. Those are divine messages. Ask your masculine and your feminine for guidance and to hold you.

✅ When your mind tries to show you all the times things didn’t work out in the past (you know when you were previously at the In-Between), replace them with all the times things worked out so beautifully.

✅ Radical Self Responsibility (again). Because it is soooooo easy to run away from oneself.

Trust is your birth setting.

Watch infants. They just START rooting. It is a reflex. So is trust.

Buuuuuut then the world gets in the way. Our, well-meaning- caretakers take sovereignty over us (and really, no 2 year- old should be crossing the street on their own), and somewhere in the mix we are taught to not trust ourselves.

It happens gradually throughout life.

As an adult, we can all too often look at bad things that have happened and blame ourselves. (Which is totally different than radical self-responsibility).

But Trust is where miracles happen

Trust issues often happen when you left what you no longer desire. But the next 5 steps to what you do desire have not been shown to you yet…..

This is the In-Between. Here it is make or break

The Universe has been very clear that resetting the body cosmic field to Birth Setting is vital.

That’s where trust comes naturally. That’s where mountains are moved.

This trust comes from working with The Light. As it dives right into the cellular level.

This is the exact same session that (typically only offered to my VIP clients) allows businesswomen to:

💎Receive 20k+ months

💎Step fully into leadership and speak their truth to the world

💎Allow pain to disappear overnight

💎Relax into a feeling of peace and centeredness

💎Finally open to their OWN intuition so they may make decisions faster and on point

This is a profound way to allow the results of peace on The Super Highway of Abundance, while also receiving health, deep relationships, and wealth.

If you are craving peace, wealth and all the health (of self and relationships) at your next level and would like to connect, send me an e-mail at Amanda@amandakunkel.com.

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