😎They ALL have the same “issue.”😎

From the multiple six figure powerhouse to the woman just stepping into coaching…

📢 They weren’t saying what they wanted to say in their marketing.  To their clients.  Nor were they structuring their time : offerings to match that THING they were hiding.

✋So they were stalled.

💥They we’re not getting people reaching out.

💥The sales (and money in their pocket) were far below what they were wanting.

💥 Things just felt “off”.

💎💎💎The Universe, of course, immediately drilled into the THING, pulled it up out of them and said, “Remember THIS???   This thing we agreed you would be leaning into at this phase of your business?  Like, we planned this before you were born!  Dust this off girlfriend because you’ve got epic to unleash here.”

😮And their mouths dropped.  Like, every single one.  

“Holy shit.”  (Mmmm hmmmm).

You see, they had already been slightly aware of this THING.  They had felt it whispering at the edges of their consciousness.

Buuuuuut had pushed it down because of how BIG it felt.

🤯Can I really say that?  

Really teach 3 day work weeks?

Really let my intuition guide my time with my clients?

Actually open that gym WHILE winding down the other part of my business (really I don’t have to wait?)?

….. and of course, “I can ask for HOW much of an investment? 🤯

💎💎💎The Universe brings this front and center.  Not to scare you (ok a little fire under the bum is good), but to get your juices flowing.  To open up that self allowing.


📢Then The Universe gives you the shortest most aligned action steps (and way of BEING) to take, to make it happen.

💥IF you allow it or not, is up to you.

Last week I had a client who had experienced all of the above (in just 60 minutes) say, “I feel like I’ve leapt out of the kiddie pool.”  And into the deep ocean of where she was always meant to be called to.  💥Oh yeah, the sales started coming in too!💥

I’ve had a client finally dive into allowing her very hidden dream of opening a successful publishing house (with best selling authors) actually happen.  All in less than a year.

I’ve seen multiple six figure women lean back, exhale and FINALLY allow themselves to DO business the way they WANT to (which was waaaaay different than everyone out there is teaching).

💎💗💎My dear, lean into what you hear whispering at the edges of your consciousness.  

THAT is where, when you walk hand in hand with what you are hearing, all the harmony (and 20k+ months) flow like honey.

If this sounds like your jam, send me an email at amanda@amandakunkel.com with Subject Line: Harmony

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