🔥🔥🔥You do your job and the universe does it’s job…..

👉 Your Job:

✅ Honoring your heart.

✅ Listening to your intuition.

✅ Taking aligned action steps.

✅ Allowing and receiving.

👉 The Universe’s Job:

💎 Providing the pathways to partnerships.

💎 Bringing the right clients at the right time into your field.

💎 Sending opportunities to you.

💎 Providing through people, places, things, and opportunities.

💎 Whispering in your ear the next steps.


That is the exact freaking reason you have not yet received everything you desire-including MORE CLIENTS AND CASH.

💥 There is a BALANCE of doing and receiving.

💥 There is leaning in every time you feel a trigger. NOT running away or letting your saboteur take over.

💥 It is about KNOWING that you are a f*ing CREATION. And not accepting anything less.

❓❗ So the question becomes, are you going to allow yourself to lean in now, or retreat?

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