🤢Sick of the groupthink the “in” coaches have?🤢

Where they “decide” the hot button topic or mindset that everyone needs to talk about….and even goes as far as becoming vicious with other coaches in the name of “calling people out.”

Yes, it’s so high school.

It’s not of service.

Typically this is because they have:

🤺 Zero business training (practical on the job or educational)

🤺 Zero trauma training (experienced, certification, or educational)

🤺 Zero team leading/ group leading training (real-life guided, educational, or certified)

They simply “jumped on” the bandwagon of “hey I could be a coach online” when it became the COOL thing to do.

The Universe is not happy with the Toxic Environment is has created.

That’s one of the reasons The Universe always tells you to do your research (yes, it does).  To be fully informed and to listen to your GUT.

Because most likely that gut alerted you about these types of people.

What does The Universe want you to do?

💎Bless and release them.

💎Give yourself permission to scroll past their ads.

💎Don’t engage or leave an angry comment.

💎Take permission to leave any free groups that aren’t serving you.

Focus so much ON YOU and your amazing shining light within you that there is no time to harp on about these people.

Show up so fully for your business, customers, clients, that you create a track record of trust and honor.

Also, get some extra training if you need it.  It never hurts.  From qualified, respected individuals with track records of success and treating their clients with respect.

This all comes back to trusting yourself.

Trusting your own work.

Honoring all parts of you and how you choose to be of service.

Unleashing your full soul mission through your business🎁.  

This will create an energetic pulse that people can feel.  All over the world.  Drawing them to you.

Sure you need your business basics down, but if you are reading this you are way past that phase.

As you sink into your full authentic self and showcase that through every interaction…… more people like you will step forward.

Where soon there will be masses of men and women approaching business from this soul and heart place.

Which will blot out all the “trendy high school minded” coaches.

You see, by simply being 110% you, you can make global change.

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