😫 Fed up with all the MindSet work that you’ve been doing, not getting anywhere?😫

😫 Fed up with all the MindSet work that you’ve been doing, not getting anywhere?😫

But the truth Mindset work is great and powerful.

But when you are stuck, it is because your brain is powerfully fighting you.

👁️ I see you over there. Working so beautifully through your “blocks.”

But the truth is, the only “blocks’ you have are the ones you’ve created for yourself.

The good news is, those “blocks” that you think you have…you do not have to work to dissolve.

Your MIND thinks of them as blocks.

Your poor mind thinks it has to solve everything itself. And that is tiring work. 🛏️ 🛏️ 🛏️

It is spazzing out. Going, “I don’t know what to do with this block!”

🌟🌟🌟The reality is that The Universe is ready to come to unlock everything for you. The Universe just needs easy access to your energetic body keyholes.

The Universe having access to your keyholes does not require it to have access to your brain to solve all of those “blocks.”

Instead, what is required is just to bring your energy body into alignment.

Like you would with all the shapes in Tetris.

💯Then, “Plink!”, all the good stuff happens (where,in Tetris, you just got points and more shapes to move).

The good stuff being everything you have asked for is coming right into your life as easily as water comes out of a faucet!

The practical of, “Energy Alignment” with The Universe, is a little harder to explain.

So I recorded a very simple, beginners session for you to experience!

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