💋💋💋 I had about 30-40 clients for last year (6 Figure Business).

That’s me doing mental math on client number. They were Gallery clients, private 1:1, and partnership clients.😎

High touch low tech is my jam for now.

💎Doesn’t have to be yours. You get to decide what is right for you and your biz.

But also please don’t feel pressure by all “you need FB Ads, funnels, the perfect copy, sales and a large list to scale” messaging going on out there.

One of my mentors is in 7 Figures with 100 clients for last year.

🔥🔥🔥It’s all about what is best for you.

Sure a lot of women with bought groups, emails, and Business page likes, come to me because they can’t get past 20k years.

On paper they look like they are huge business stars.

They haven’t don’t anything wrong….. they simply haven’t found THEIR unique path to success.

So remember loves, this is about Your unique path. You and The Universe created this together before you were born.

So tell me, will you follow your own unique path and do what’s best for you?

If you would like to connect, send me an e-mail at Amanda@amandakunkel.com and let’s discuss your unique path.

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