🚗 Stay in your Lane 🚗

There was a time before the coaching industry had bandwagons.  

Remember when people vapidly decided they needed to be experts at not just their zone of genius but also in a TON of OTHER stuff.  Not because they wanted to but because that is what everyone else was doing.  

They started trying to ALSO become experts in (become the boss of all the things):



💥Mindset Mastery



💥And now it’s the Akashi records.

⚖️ To be fair, there is nothing WRONG with any of these. These are all amazing wonderful tools! The problem is when you take them on because everyone else is doing it or you feel you have to.⚖️ 

(Seriously love, No need to be trigged. I’ve picked up bits and pieces of these along the way to AMPLIFY myself, not to become an expert in it.  It’s all good.  This is about INTENTION and giving oneself permission to NOT do all the things).

The Universe is happy when you want to get a little taste of the behind the scenes in different areas.  It broadens your perspective and you can see me.  Become more inclusive.

But it is NOT up to you to be The Expert in these.

Hell, I even tell clients that while I can facilitate all the of above, my expertise is in being a Universe Liaison.

Because that’s my special sauce and I’m staying in my lane.

I also LOVE referencing work beyond my scope to other experts!

Because The Universe has shown me that this allows circulation (I promise I won’t get into The Laws of The Universe today).

Don’t get distracted by shiny bandwagon things that come up.

Reach into yourself and feel what is TRULY for you.

And yes, a little training to open you up to the behind the scenes is totally cool.

Really be discerning here.

Don’t get pulled out of your zone of genius.  That will cause your frequency to get all wonky.  And could lead to a backslide.

OWN where you are, what you want to include, and when to HIRE EXPERTS.

….and for the love of all things holy, do NOT try to DIY these.  There is a whole other side to the fabric of The Universe and stuff out there that you do NOT wanna mess with.

Come back to you now.

Take a few breaths.

Decide where your energy and expertise is best suited.

Does that mean you need an expert to translate The Universe for you?

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