💸2021 IS here and I know you have your eye on your ROI.💸

You really want to start making things happen in your business and you are thinking about finally investing in one of those fancy schmancy business masterminds.  

Because you want to finally:

  • Grow your income to the next bracket
  • Hire your dream team.
  • Put systems in place that will work FOR you.

You see that guru that went through that mastermind and you want what she has.

Awesome. I want that for you too.  

And it already exists out there.

Let me drop a little truth bomb on you.  Taking the path that someone else took is NOT going to get you to the same place that person got to.

You have your OWN path.

By trying to follow someone else’s path and do that cookie-cutter thing you are working against the easiest, most natural way to get your ROI.

Which is…..

Drum roll….

Tapping into The Universe and seeing what that plan is for you.  That you created with The Universe before you were born and came to this earth.

When you try and follow someone else’s plan it feels like a ton of work and effort.  You end up caught up in other people’s ego’s and their ideas of what you need to do, and HOW you need to do it (even if it doesn’t feel aligned to you).


When you follow the path and plan from The Universe, you get to experience:

💥Stepping into BEING the influencer you’ve always wanted to.
💥Embodying the leader and the light that you KNOW you are.
💥Watching your visibility explode so you can be the change you want to see in the world.

ROI is part of the lifeblood of your business.  You need to be very pointed in where you put it (but you know this already, don’t you?)

You cannot get any more pointed than The Universe.  

And al its infinite wisdom.

Let me be clear, you and The Universe created your way to your 7 Figure business BEFORE you were born.

The way is ALREADY here.

💯 You, the trailblazer.  And The Universe. Make an unstoppable team. 💯

….and as a trailblazer, you don’t really want to follow what someone else did anyway.

You do not need one more, well-intentioned but strategy-driven (that’s a fancy way for something that worked for THEM), person telling you how to run your business. 

The Universe knows the EXACT steps and shifts you need to move you into your 7 Figures.



It is your CATAPULT.  

Not some hyped up, click funneled, flashy mastermind where you hear a regurgitation of what all other coaches are saying….but just a little differently.

What happens when you work with The Universe?

  • Hiring and training the right team (and not having to deal with later drama).
  • The exact areas to place your ads (and even your dream ad manager/copywriter) for the most ROI.
  • Which joint ventures and extended relationship offers to take (that will actually bring clients and cash to you).
  • What area(s) to expand and develop into that will be winners (and not sink in the great dismal swamp of no interest.)

Like my client over the summer who created a 100K program and stepped into 7 Figures, withing MONTHS of working with The Universe.

You can work with The Universe to have the advantage and can plan on collapsing timelines and speeding up…..

All while shifting into work that feels as easy and aligned as breathing.

AND an ROI like you’ve never seen before.

So I ask you one more time, are you ready to ditch the mastermind and work with The Universe?

4 Keys to 7 Figures

Use your own intuition and be guided by The Universe, on your own unique path to 7 Figures! Grab your copy HERE.