😯Last year VS today.😯

If you haven’t heard of my past journey with Hashimotos, let’s just say it was a bowl of suckville.

🌟I was lucky enough to come from a background in which I worked out ( most of my teenage years were spent in martial arts, running and a little weightlifting….. which translated in the gym as an adult), ate crunchy (based on my body and its needs) and never took no for an answer.

I made a decision to reclaim my health and I did it.

🙌The journey was a long and crazy road.  But I listened to The Universe each step of the way and took action.🙌

Even when I could barely walk a quarter mile to the post office.

Last year I had finally received the energy that would allow me to start really moving my body again.

💥And so I did.💥

With the help of experts I was able to compete in a 13k in September too!

It sure hurt.   But not in a “I’m sick “ way.

🔥🔥🔥It was my body allowing the fire of reclaiming health for herself come through.  Because I trained hard.

I am also fundraising for the Durrell Wildlife Conservation as part of this run.

🌟So this post isn’t just about me.  It’s about a bigger and wider purpose.

Including the health and well-being of the animals of our earth.

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