I had a “hard” horse ride this morning.

I’ve ridden the same horse for most of the past year and he is a snuggly, slow, trail horse.  He is pretty much bomb proof.

We changed out his bit (the thing that goes in the mouth) as well as his bridal (the thing that goes over his head to keep the bit in) this morning.

The bit wasn’t much different than the one he is used to but the bridal has less bling.  He is used to a chin chain and a throat latch. This new bridal did not have either.

Our ride started as usual. Nothing to note. Once we got to the canter though….he discovered his newfound freedom.

I didn’t have to push him on.  He WENT all on his own (what a good boy!).  He decided that he loved going fast.

🏇 That is until he didn’t want to stop.  Or steer.  🏇 

I spent the last part of our ride ‘correcting’ him.  Getting him to stop. Steer. Stand.

But I came away feeling like it was a “hard ride”.

My ego was saying it wasn’t fun.  

🕊️TRUST ME, there is NOTHING like the rides where you and the horse are one.  Flying over the ground, mind, and body connected. 🕊️

Today was not one of those days.

So my ego threw a little fit.  Telling me it was a hard ride.

Yet, I was in the driver’s seat (pun!) the WHOLE time.

I knew what to do to keep us safe.  He was never on the verge of actually taking off.

I didn’t panic even though this was new for this horse.

I knew how to correct him and what to do to reset him.

All by myself (I was out on my own today).  All the years of lessons and practice prepped me for this moment.

I was literally the expert and nailing it.

It just didn’t look HOW I wanted it to today.

Then it hit me….it is just like a business.

🌐The Universe (Angel, Spirit, God, Goddess) will hand you the step-by-step guide to more clients and cash.  That guide (I call it the Universe Map) will be the most aligned and fastest way to get what you desire.🌐

What I have seen a lot from businesswomen is that the first time they meet with The Universe and I….they are asked to give up the “extra fluff” stuff.

……like constantly trying to get another certificate to show they are an expert.

……like fiddling with their media/ canva / copy.

……like holding on to the mindset of the last guru they invested in.

Why? It gives them more FREEDOM.  Just like taking the bling off of the bridal.  (Side note, yes some horses need extras due to either learning or ‘bad’ manners….)

Then, what happens next to a businesswoman is that she feels this freedom and it is uncomfortable for her.  It is because her mind is adjusting to a new way of thinking and being (which throws away conventional teachings).

As these women follow their Universe Map (which, by the way, THEY made WITH The Universe before they were born) it can, at first, feel a little wonky.  

This wonky feeling was what was happening with the horse this morning.  His new-found freedom had his senses going, “Wow!  what the heck!”

🕯️🕯️🕯️The really cool thing is it is at this point that businesswomen get to know themselves deeply again.  I say, “again” because THEY made their Universe Map before they were born.  So they KNOW it.

That is all I did with the horse this morning.  Went back over what he already knew.  It soothed him remembering this core part of himself and that I was there with him.

I see the businesswomen who follow their Universe Map do the same thing.  They all the sudden become more intuitive.  Stronger in their unique business.  They speak louder and step into visibility with a BOOM.

They freaking glow.

Which is all part of why people show up a credit card in hand to work with them.

Now, if you are thinking I am comparing women with horses, go right ahead.  That would be a huge compliment in my book.

The real point I am making is the similarity we ALL have in the process of following our Universe Map.

This opens the doors to success once a businesswoman lets go of all the “extra’s”.

**And no, this is not a post for discussing horsemanship or training or the like…

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